I have spent today continuing to develop yesterdays ideas into a more suitable outcome. The drawing I posted yesterday just didn’t seem to fit the idea that I had behind the portrait and the image I had in my mind, so i scrapped it, took the basic ideas from it and started again today.

Below is another photo update of the layers behind the portrait…

The Original Drawing Of Jay Aston (Pencil on Tracing Paper):

1. Jay Aston Drawing

The Background For The Piece:

2. Jay Aston Background

The Portrait Mounted Onto The Background:

3. Jay Aston Layered

A Close Up Of The Portrait With Background:

4. Jay Aston Close Up

And Finally Todays Portrait On Yesterdays Background Ideas:

Jay Aston A4 Framed

All images are copyrighted 


A quick photo update…

I have been experimenting with different ways of presenting the initial portrait I did of Jay Aston. Below are the stages, beginning with the original pencil drawing on paper:

1. Jay Aston

The image below shows the original transferred onto tracing paper and framed…

2. Jay Framed

…with the final image having a background worked into it.

5. Jay With Background

All images are copyrighted 

Colin & Aaron

I Spent Yesterday Having A Bit Of A Tidy Up Ready For The Big Move In June & I Came Across This Old Sketch Of Colin Fox & Aaron Gilbert.


Degree Show

Tomorrow we have our first Degree Show related hand in. We have been asked to answer a few questions which relate to the space we would like to exhibit in, how we are planning to exhibit our work and what work we are going to be exhibiting. The questions seemed simple at first … but in actual fact, they have taken me nearly two days to answer and I’m still not 100% sure if I’m ready to commit to just one idea, yet!

Below are a few photographs, showing my ideas and development for the presentation of my work from the last couple of days.

In Preparation For The Crit

Persentation Development_1

The Crit

Presentation Development_2

After Discussing Presentation Ideas At The Crit

Presentation Development_3


Brian Molko

“In the arms of another who doesn’t mean anything to you
There’s nothing much to discover
Does he shake, Does he shiver as he sidles up to you
Like I did in my time?

As you wake does he smother you in kisses long and true?
Does he even think to bother?
And at night under covers as he’s sliding into you,
Does it set your sweat on fire?

Want you so bad I can taste it,
But you’re nowhere to be found.
I’ll take a drug to replace it,
Or put me in the ground.

In the arms of another who doesn’t mean anything to you,
Do you lose yourself in wonder?
If I could, I would hover while he’s making love to you
Make it rain as I cry”

Stefan OlsdalSet List – The Colston Hall, Bristol – Thursday 19th March 2015


For What It’s Worth

Loud Like Love

Every You Every Me

Scene of the Crime

A Million Little Pieces

Rob the Bank


Special Needs

Too Many Friends

Space Monkey

Exit Wounds

I Know


Song to Say Goodbye

Special K

The Bitter End

Begin the End

Running Up That Hill (A Deal Witb God)

Post Blue

Infra Red

 Brian Molko

“I know, you love the song but not the singer
I know, you’ve got me wrapped around your finger
I know, you want the sin without the sinner
I know, I know”


A Post A Day # 8

It has been suggested to me that I post all the portraits I do, even if I don’t like the out come. So below is the 2nd piece to the portrait I had done for  A Post A Day # 7.

In Conversation...

Below are the two pieces together.

“The Conversation…”

The Conversation

A Post A Day # 7

I was really interested in this piece (one of two) when I first started it. However, my interest has now started to die out; the connection just isn’t deep enough!

 so I’ll move on & leave it for you to look at! 

“In Conversation…”

A Post A Day # 6

This is a quick sketch that I made earlier on today, in the studio, at University. I had no real plans for the drawing, my only aim was to keep it simple.

The image I worked from was another photograph of a child that is up for adoption, on the same site as Sage. 

I’m currently working on a more complex drawing, with a different subject,  that I’m hoping to have ready for viewing (even if it’s not finished) by tomorrow.


A Post A Day # 5

. . . Who Would Have Thought Today’s Inspiration Would Come From An Apple Store

A Digitalised Painting Of Sage

This is the first time I’ve ever attempted to draw on my iPad. I’m not 100% on how I feel about recreating the drawing I did yesterday on a digital device, it’s surely very different. Maybe more practice is needed…?

A Post A Day #4

Meet 1 Year Old Sage. 

She is an American Indian/Alaskan Native who is currently based in California.

Apparently she is a vivacious and happy baby at all times and she has been described as being adorable, very affectionate and all around happy little girl. She smiles when she recognises familiar people and she can bottle feed herself.

Sage has also made great progress medically since she was first diagnosed with Spina Bifida, with the prognosis for her being able to walk in the future said to be unknown. She can move her legs and feel pressure but is unable to feel any pain. Her health is stable and she only needs catheterised three times daily. She receives infant stimulation through Regional Centre and also physical and occupational therapy.

Sage was born in January 2014 and is of American Indian and Caucasian descent. She is eligible to register under her tribe. Sage is waiting for an affectionate, caring and child-focused family that embraces her with unconditional love, attention and stability.


This is a profile for a child who is waiting to be adopted in California. There is an online profile, together with an image, describing the benefits of adopting Sage. How strange is it that you can flick through the profiles of children who are in need of homes, you read their story and look at their picture on your phone or laptop and then move on, like swiping left on Tinder or scrolling past a person on Facebook .. is this the adoption process of 2015?